Wetterhorn - Swiss Mountain Candle (400ml, Coco-soy Wax, Wooden Wick)

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A View of Wetterhorn That You Don’t Have to Leave Behind

Wetterhorn (3,692 m) belongs to one of the most impressive mountainscapes in the Alps. It serves as a dramatic backdrop to the village of Grindelwald, a winter holiday paradise that you no longer have to say goodbye to.

Take our Wetterhorn mountain candle home and imagine sitting in front of a cozy fireplace in typical Swiss chalet. Remember magnificent vistas and the smell of a steaming hot pot of fondue. Have a moment of reflection and self-care with our gorgeous candle.

Your Unique Wetterhorn Mountain Candle

Shaped by Science, Crafted with Love

Designed using extremely precise topographical data from Swisstopo, this candle is a near-perfect model of Wetterhorn (3,692 m). Handcrafted in Zug, Switzerland, each candle is a unique work of art.

Wooden wicks create a captivating soft crackling sound when burning. Like a little fireplace, they create an alluring ambience and invite us to dream.

Premium Materials Create the Most Relaxing Candle Experience

From captivating crackling wooden wicks to a superior coconut soy wax blend, we sourced the best materials to create not just a beautiful candle, but also a memorable experience.

Our elegant vessels and gift-ready packaging will ensure that anyone receiving one of our candles will remember it forever.

Luxurious Fragrances that Take You to the Heart of the Swiss Alps

Our candles are scented with premium clean fragrance oils. Sophisticated and complex, these earthy scents will take you on a powerful journey through an evergreen forest or an alpine field.

Rock and Flame's Mission

The Alps are the most used mountain range in the world. Urban sprawl and tourism threaten natural habitats. Glaciers, our most important water reservoir, are disappearing due to the climate change.

We want our candles to serve as a reminder to protect our beautiful nature so that our kids are able to enjoy glaciers and the majestic Swiss Alps for as long as possible. Your support of Rock and Flame today will help us to pursue our mission.

Rock and Flame will donate a portion of the proceeds to Verein Klimaschutz Schweiz for their Glacier-Initiative project in Switzerland.

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Bring our Wetterhorn mountain candle home. Surprise your friend with a truly unique gift this holiday season.


Data: The Federal Office of Topography Swisstopo