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Don't Waste a Moment - Affirmation Bracelet

Don't Waste a Moment - Cuff Bracelet with Engraved Mantra

Embracing every moment is an important principle, no matter our age. But, this advice takes on special meaning as we get a little older. 

With less time ahead of us, we know that every moment is special and every second has meaning. We want to squeeze every bit of purpose and passion out of our lives. 

This beautiful mantra bracelet can help us to do exactly this!

An Elegant Reminder to Embrace Every Moment

Look at this bracelet every day to remind yourself that every moment counts.

How we spend each day is sacred. Our mortality is a gift because it reminds us to live. Don’t wait another moment. Sing. Dance. Breathe. Love. Live!

A Stunning Look that Will Last

Our bracelets are made of hypoallergenic, lead-free and tarnish resistant stainless steel. We designed them to be lightweight, comfortable and durable, so you can wear them daily, to work or play.

The width of our cuff bracelet is 5 mm. Lengthwise, they are fully adjustable and will fit most women's wrist sizes.

Each bracelet features a mantra, beautifully engraved and finished by hand. The bracelet has a "brushed" matte finish.

Gift-Ready Packaging

Each bracelet comes in a gorgeous gift-ready jewelry box with a generic positive message.

Order Your "Don't Waste a Moment" Affirmation Bracelet and Live Every Second

Do you want to embrace every opportunity? Would you like to get more from every interaction with your friends and family? Do you want to stop worrying and start living? Our "Don't Waste a Moment" bracelet can help! 

Order yours today and get more from life! 

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